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She feels so helpless, glued to her seat she bites back her tongue when in reality all she wants to do is get between Jane and what’s hurting her so she can protect her from it all.


Rizzoli & Isles - behind the scenes of episode 5x06 

"R&I in miniature", "for tiny, tiny crimes"



Maura ‘Eavesdropper’ Isles

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Maura Isles; Color Palettes.


These two events happened two episodes apart and Jane has never been trigger shy, as proven above. When necessary she’s used her gun. However there’s something about Dennis that was different. She was hesitant. The only one willing to bargain with him while Frost and Korsak kept their aim at Dennis firm and steady. Jane seemed the be the only one willing to let him go in exchange for Maura’s safety but just two episodes ago she was more determined than ever to not let a murder escape.

There’s obviously something about Maura that makes her hesitate. Clearly it’s Jane’s relationship with her. She can handle losing another victim. It’s a simple, and unfortunate, reality. She had no emotional ties to Lea and while it would be devastating if she’d died, Jane would eventually get over the loss of a victim just as she has in every other case because that’s the job. Those are the terms. People die. You don’t always get the bad guy. You don’t always win. But why was she willing to lower her gun and talk with Dennis? Why was he special? Because he wasn’t holding just some random victim hostage. He was holding Maura hostage. Her best friend. Her better half. The only person the world worth letting a murderer walk free for.

Also notice the way she’s holding Lea up but she’s clinging to Maura, in a way that I’m certain they would have fallen to their knees still clinging to each other. Their need to seek one another out and hold each other is so desperate and instinctual. The way she waits for Lea’s captor to fall to the ground before going to her but reflexively runs to Maura the second Dennis steps away.

Both situations are almost exactly the same and yet Jane acts drastically different. Being confident and impatient in one but pleading and compliant in the other.

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